Who Is Eli Rook?

Now a best-selling author, speaker, and pioneer in the field of consciousness research, the Eli Rook digital avatar/brand emerged in 2008 serving to uplift a sector of internet culture led astray by fallacies surrounding 2012, conspiracy theories, esoteric knowledge, and pseudo-spirituality.

Through a series of viral-marketed art installations, games, and publications, a cult following of spiritual/metaphysical seekers gathered around Eli Rook, LLC by the thousands. And as the brand evolved over the years it transitioned into ground-breaking work surrounding consciousness research and its widespread application in the area of self-development and spiritual evolution.

During the current phase of development in 2014, two dozen individuals are participating in the delivery of a consciousness-raising protocol customized by Eli Rook, which continually yields evidence-based data charting each individual’s spiritual growth along a logarithmic scale. The research project has been a wild success, and is scheduled to conclude in September 2014.